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What’s In Season: May

May is here — and it looks like it brought summer along with it!  Wasn’t it just two or three weeks ago that we were staring in shock at snow falling from the sky?  And here we are now, celebrating and enjoying the wonderful hot sun, forgetting what it means to be shivering and cold. […]

What’s in Season: April

Though I’m sure we’re all getting a bit tired of this never ending cold weather and we all can’t wait until May rolls around with (hopefully!) greener grass and bluer skies, there’s no reason to forget all the great things that April has to offer, too.  Like frostbite, apparently. All jokes aside, though — asparagus […]

What’s in Season: March

Cool things have been happening, lately!  Snow’s been melting away, days have been getting a little bit longer (and then a lot longer – thank you, Daylight Savings!) and cooler things are now in season.  I’m feeling like taking a stab at some artichoke dip, maybe.  And though cauliflower and broccoli are not normally things […]

What’s in Season: February

Out with the old, in with the new! Well, kind of.  While it’s fun and exciting to see some tropical-feeling additions to the seasonal roster, (from the teensy bursts of sunshine in mandarin oranges to the mouthwatering, juice-y bites of goodness found in persimmons), it’s nice to see some good old reliable winter staples, (like […]

What’s In Season: January

Every time I gather my little water colour set and do a little research about what fruits and vegetables are in season for each month, I find myself getting surprised every time by either learning about some new vegetable or fruit, or learning that something I though was in season in, say, June, is actually […]

What’s In Season: December

During this month, I, and everyone around me, discover that I am the World’s Biggest Baby because of my constant, never-ending mantra of, “I’m so cooooold.”  You’d think that being Canadian and having lived in Ontario all of my life would prepare me for the cold weather and that by this time I’d have developed […]

What’s In Season: November

November’s a funny month.  You’ve had too many pumpkin spice lattes to count, and you’re finding that you’ve made it a habit of reaching for your winter coat — but it still feels a little bit too early to start baking gingerbread.  It feels like Daylight Savings has shooed out the sun and the darkened […]