Swap Round Up: April, oh April!

As April came to a close, we had another super successful food swap.  Like March’s food swap, this one was on the small side, with six participants in total — but that didn’t cut into the creativity or quality of the dishes at all.  Our unconscious theme, it appears, was ‘salad,’ as three of our six swappers brought by some form of a salad.  There was Jenn’s delicious dish of honey roasted chickpeas sitting on a bed of kale and carrot, there was Ben’s colourfully captivating mango and black bean salad (with dashes of red pepper and cilantro — so much excitement in one bowl!) and there was Gill and Brian’s indulgent, fantastic combination of beets, oranges and goat cheese.  So yummy!

Divide Savour group shot April

Here’s a list of all of our swappin’ dishes (click away for their respective recipes):

Summer is in full swing (I write this tentatively as, while I was walking to work today, I was rained on, hailed on, and sunshine-d upon — so there’s no telling what season it is, it seems!) — and with summer come end-of-the-month long weekends (wahoo!).  Because of that, we’re going to shift our food swaps away from the ends of the months, and move them closer to the middle of each month.  So — expect our next swap sometime in early-to-mid June!

Until then, happy eating & sharing!


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