What’s in Season: March

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Cool things have been happening, lately!  Snow’s been melting away, days have been getting a little bit longer (and then a lot longer – thank you, Daylight Savings!) and cooler things are now in season.  I’m feeling like taking a stab at some artichoke dip, maybe.  And though cauliflower and broccoli are not normally things that inspire a great chef-like desire within me, I recently stumbled upon this recipe for Roasted Buddha Bowls over at Oh She Glows, a great vegan blog.  I’m thinking that I might not only be doing some springtime cleaning soon, but also some broccoli and cauliflower roastin’.

Speaking of cauliflower – it may not be the most glamorous item in the grocery store, but it will forever hold a special little place in my heart, as weird as that sounds.  A super simple dish my mother used to prepare a lot for dinner while I was growing up was fried eggs, cauliflower with bread crumbs sprinkled on top and toast.  It’s simple, it’s homey, it’s easy, and I’ve never heard of any other family eating something like that for dinner – but I loved it when I was growing up.

I moved into my first ‘on my own apartment’ in the springtime after first year, and tried to re-create the kind of kitchen my mom ran while I was growing up.  Though I had some pretty laughable attempts (a lemon chicken dish that will never be re-created), that little kitchen on Ossington is where I first had a friend come over so I could cook them dinner.  It sounds silly, and unimportant, but it was a big deal for me.  I love food, and I love making food – but it was the first time I got to make food for someone.  I made that little dinner of cauliflower and eggs and toast, and I prepared her by repeating, “I know, I know — it’s weird!  It’s a weird combination!  I know!” over and over again.  It’s a strange little dish, I know — but to this day, there are few dinners more comforting than that little cauliflower-and-eggs dish (or maybe it’s the eggs — it’s basically breakfast for dinner, and who doesn’t love that?)

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 11.28.32 PM

Anyway, take a peek to see what else is in season (after hearing me go on and on about cauliflower for hours), and head over to Foodland Ontario’s complete list of what’s available to find out all of the treats that March brings.

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