Swap #2: Starting 2013 off with another stellar swap!

Hello all! Our first swap of 2013 happened on Monday, January 28th in the evening, and what a great swap it was! There are fewer things more satisfying in life than opening up a new year with a great start.

We were super pleased and impressed with all of the variety from our first swap back in November, so we decided to, once again, not have any over-arching theme for the night. Instead, we asked everyone to, again, bring what they felt like bringing – and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

January’s swap consisted of the following dishes:

All of the dishes were, again, vegetarian – a nice display of how inclusive we can be as a community. Thanks, guys! In addition to this, we also had a couple vegan recipes (like the Beet, Yam & Carrot Soup), and even some gluten-free ones as well (such as the Sweet Potato Gnocchi or the Massoor Dal). Exciting things were happening on the swapping table, for sure!

Not only was this our first swap of the year, but this was also the first time we had people attending the swap after seeing our poster advertising it (rather than hearing about it from either Jenn or myself). I’ve always heard that the beginning of the year is a reflection of how these next twelve months are going to unravel – and if that’s true, then I’m looking so forward to seeing more and more of your wonderful variety, your participation and all of the enthusiasm that you all brought on Monday night – it was so appreciated and so exciting. If you’re reading this and you weren’t present at our swap on Monday, don’t worry – there will be plenty more to come, and you have lots of delicious goodies and stellar people to look forward to.

The Future:

Jenn and I are really itching and excited to make this a regular monthly thing – in that case, we will more than likely be hosting another food swap later in February. Stay tuned for more details. It seemed that switching from a Thursday night swap to a Monday night one was more beneficial, in terms of helping out with recipe-making time – also, the later time seemed to work for more people. In that case, we will try to stick to what works best for the majority.

As always, comments and suggestions are always very welcome and appreciated. Even if you weren’t at the swap, and you’ve got an idea or a point that’s brewing inside of you, please feel free to let us know! You can either leave a comment on this post, or email either Jenn or myself (or both of us! we love emails!) at divideandsavour@gmail.com

A big thank you to everyone who participated – we can’t wait to see you at our next swap!


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