What’s In Season: January


Every time I gather my little water colour set and do a little research about what fruits and vegetables are in season for each month, I find myself getting surprised every time by either learning about some new vegetable or fruit, or learning that something I though was in season in, say, June, is actually in season in January.  Or, best of all, when I find out that a vegetable I had forgotten about is back in season — say, for instance, the sunchoke, a.k.a. the Jerusalem artichoke.  Don’t be fooled by its knobbly, wart-y exterior.  It may look like ginger root, but this little root vegetable can be used for so many things — potato replacements, soups, even spirits (in Germany, it’s used to create a spirit called ‘Topinambur’) — who knew these little tubers, with just a little lovin’, could do so much?


However – don’t forget about all the other goodies that are in season this month – take a peek at Foodland Ontario’s complete list of what’s available to find out what else January offers.


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